While some extra care is required, you’ll find that Crescent Couture matboard will cut much like any other matboard. Regardless of whether you are using a CMC or manual mat cutter, always do the following:

  1. Start with a fresh blade. We recommend a 1500 "double thick blade."
  2. Cut from the back side.

Using a Manual Mat Cutter

Any of the Crescent Couture matboards can be cut using a Manual Mat Cutter. We recommend hand-cutting the Pebbles (1304 Gray Pebbles and 1305 Black Pebbles) Collection of matboards.

For best success cutting the Pebbles Collection, follow these guidelines:

  1. Always remember to use a new blade, and to cut your Pebbles matboard from the back. Try not to put too much pressure on the cutting bar.
  2. Because of the special material used to create our Pebbles matboard, we recommend a 3/8’ overcut. The overcut won’t be seen on the front of the matboard, and you’ll have nice precise corners when finished.

Using a CMC

For the Valiani family of CMC’s we have just completed profiling each board in the Couture line, so that it can be added to the V-Studio Material Database. Because every machine has slightly different cutting characteristics some minor calibration may be required to achieve the best results. Upon request, we can supply any Valiani CMC customer using V-Studio the profile list and instructions on how to add the Couture line to their Material Database. For more information, contact Chuck Terry, Valiani Support Manager at

For all other CMC’s, if you currently cut 8-PLY or anyother dense materials consistently, without issue, then you should have no problems cutting any of the matboard in the Couture line. Consult your CMC manufacturer for more information.