Mounting Boards

Museum Mounting & Presentation Boards

100% cotton boards for use with valuable art originals, limited edition prints or any artwork that demands the very best matting, mounting and presentation boards available.

The quality of cotton

QUALITY – RagMat is the only mounting and mounting board guaranteed safe next to any artwork. It’s the natural choice when the highest levels of protection are required. The quality of cotton RagMat is simply unsurpassed and is the natural choice for any matting and mounting need.

NATURAL – Cotton is naturally acid-free and lignin-free. Cotton RagMat is made with natural pigments and archival adhesives.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Cotton is an annually renewable resource. Cotton RagMat is processed without harsh chemicals or additives.

TRUSTED – Cotton RagMat is preferred by museums and preservationists and has been trusted by artists, historians and writers for centuries.

Museum Mounting Boards

When mounting and matting valuable artwork, it is important to complete the conservation package by protecting the artwork on both sides. That is why Crescent offers the most complete collection of 100% cotton mounting boards in the industry. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, and in the most usable colors, Crescent RagMat mounting boards are versatile enough to satisfy any conservation mounting need.

Museum Duplex
Double-sided Rag board with a different color each side. .045 thickness.



Solid color throughout. Two usable sides.



RagMat Solids – Linen Embossed
Solid color throughout.




notFOAMCrescent’s notFOAM offers an eco-friendly mounting and backing board solution for any framing application. White buffered, acid-free surface with natural kraft corrugation and backing. Core comprised of E and B corrugated to reduce visibility of flute lines and provide better smoothness and rigidity during mounting. Total thickness = 3/16".

RECYCLABLE–notFOAM can be recycled or sold to recycling companies and re-used instead of filling dumpsters and paying large dumping fees. RENEWABLE– Trees for paper used to make notFOAM are farmed cyclically as a crop.

REPULPABLE– Paper mills can efficiently use recycled material like notFOAM without a lot of treatment or energy intensive processes. They simply add water, blend, and make more paper from it. Plastic foam is expensive, energy-intensive, inefficient to re-use and cannot be re-made into new foam due to the breakdown of carbon chains.

COMPOSTABLE– Pulp fiber used to make notFOAM breaks down naturally and easily. Foam, however will last for centuries if not properly disposed of.

SUSTAINABLE– All fiber used to produce notFOAM is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This ensures that all notFOAM materials come from recycled content or certified managed forests by companies certified to the SFI 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standards.

NF3240 WHITE/KRAFT 32″ X 40″ 280 150
NF4060 WHITE/KRAFT 40″ X 60″ 280 290
NF4896 WHITE/KRAFT 48″ X 96″ 280 540

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Crescent provides a Fome-Cor® board for every application. The polystyrene core is bonded between high quality papers to create a lightweight, reliably rigid, ultrasmooth board. FomeCor simplifies production, resists warping, and cuts cleanly while providing the quality and consistency you expect from Crescent products. The FomeCor line features a wide variety of types, sizes and thicknesses. Can be used for exhibits, POP displays, signage, photo mounting, screenprinting and framing.

Acid-Free Fome-Cor®

Acid-free FomeCor is the ideal choice for conservation mounting applications. The face papers contain no lignin, ground wood or rosin sizing and are laminated two an inert, extruded polystyrene foam center. The pH value is 7.5 – 9.5 and the papers are buffered with a 3 to 5% alkaline reserve.

3/16" Thick 1/8" Thick
11104-3240C 32×40 11804-3240C 32×40
11104-6040C 40×60 11804-6040C 40×60

White Fome-Cor®

White FomeCor is perfect for all general applications. Laminated on both sides with clay-coated papers, providing a smooth surface and clean cuts. Ideal for all types of mounting well as die cutting and embossing.

3/16" Thick 1/8" Thick 3/8" Thick
11101-3020C 20×30 11801-3240C 32×40 11301-3040C 30×40
11101-2436C 24×36 11801-6040C 40×60 11301-6040C 40×60
11101-3040C 30×40 11801-4896C 48×96 11301-4896C 48×96
11101-3240C 32×40        
11101-6040C 40×60        
11101-4896C 48×96        

Heat-Activated Fome-Cor®

Heat-Activated FomeCor Is a time saving mount board that can be used in a mechanical or vacuum dry-mount press. Clay-coated liner paper is laminated to an extruded polystyrene center. The board is coated on one side with an adhesive that activates quickly at low temperatures (approximately 165° – 170°F).

3/16" Thick
11105-2436C 24×36
11105-3240C 32×40
11104-6040C 40×60


Polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of Luxcell®, a wood-fiber veneer laminate. White has white facers with white foam center. Black has black facers with black foam center.

White Gatorfoam 3/16" Thick White Gatorfoam 1/8" Thick
80102-3240C 32×40 80202-4896C 48×96
80102-6040C 40×60    
80102-4896C 48×96    
Black Gatorfoam 3/16" Thick Black Gatorfoam 1/8" Thick
90108-3240C 32×40 90208-4896C 48×96
90108-6040C 40×60    
90108-4896C 48×96    

Fome-Cor® and GatorFoam® are registered trademarks of Alcan, Inc.

Gray and Black Mounting & Presentation Boards

For backing, mounting and presentation of art, posters, graphics, photographs and more.

Ultra-Black™ Smooth

Smooth on both sides. The ultimate mounting and presentation boards for artwork, photos, computer printouts, layouts and more. Intense black surfaces provide more dramatic presentation.

Single Thick (.055) Double Thick (.095) Triple Thick (.125)
6008.32 32×40 6088 30×40 6888 32×40
6008 30×40 6088.3 15×20 6888.18 16×20
6008.3 15×20 6088.6 20×30 6888.20 20×24
6008.18 16×20        
6008.6 20×30        

Ultra-Black™ 8

Smooth on one side, textured on the other side. Textured side accepts pastels, chalk and acrylic paint. Smooth side works well for presentations and painting.

Single Thick (.055) Double Thick (.095)
8 32×40 88 32×40
8.3 15z20 88.3 15×20
8.6 20×30 88.6 20×30

Gray / Black Presentation & Mounting Boards

Double-sided presentation and mounting boards. Allows for mounting and displaying art, design work and photographs. High quality surface papers are mounted on a solid black core. Boards cut cleanly and surfaces accept most media.

TV Gray Illustration Boards

Excellent for all types of mounting, display and presentation applications where neutral grays are required. Light Gray has a 25% – 30% tone value while dark gray has a 45% – 50% tone value.

Mounting & Presentation Boards

For backing, mounting and presentation of art, posters, graphics, photographs and more.

Acid-Free White Mounting Boards

White two sides. Buffered acid-free core and surface papers. pH 8.2±.5.

Single Thick Double Thick
AFX 32×40 AF3X 32×40

White Mounting Boards

White two sides. Buffered acid-free surface papers. pH 8.2±.5.

Single Thick Double Thick Triple Thick
X.9 28×44 3X.9 28×44 32×40
X.12 32×40 3X.12 32×40    
X.30 30×40 3X.30 30×40    
S 40×60 O 40×60    

Recycled Mounting Boards

Recycled Mounting Boards are made using 100% recycled paper fibers for the core and surface papers. White two sides. Buffered acid-free surface papers. pH 8.2±.5.

Single Thick Double Thick
RCX 32×40 RC3X 32×40

Solid White Mounting Board

Solid white throughout.Buffered non-conservation millboard for mounting and backing. Thickness (.040).

40R 32×40

Solid Black News Mounting Board

Solid black throughout.Buffered non-conservation millboard for mounting and backing. Thickness (.040).

40B 32×40

Cream Pulp Mounting Board

Solid cream throughout.Buffered non-conservation millboard for mounting and backing. Thickness (.040).

Single Thick
40P 32×40

Gray News Mounting Board

Solid color throughout. Buffered non-conservation millboard for mounting and backing. Thickness (.040).

Single Thick Double Thick Triple Thick
40C 32×40 20C 32×40 15C 32×40
    20C.13 40×60 15C313 40×60

Needle Art Mounting Boards

Buffered extra-rigid non-conservation millboard for mounting and backing. Thickness (.188). Size 32×40

11W White
12C Gray

High Volume Art Production and Art Mounting Boards

Smooth white surface with useable gray backing. Primarily used for paste-up production and mounting layouts, photographs and art prints.

White & Grey Mechanical Board
96 Medium Wt. 22×28 28×44 25 Medium Wt. 20×30 30×40

Photographer’s Competition Mounting Boards

Meets Professional Photographers of America competition mounting requirements for thickness. 1/8" Thick (.125).

White Two Sides Ultra-Black Smooth Both Sides
CM125.16 16×20 6888.16 16×20
    6888.20 20×24

Photo Mounts

Buffered acid-free core and backing paper, double-sided. All items single thick

Size 11×14 Size 16×20
CM33.2 Smooth-White/Cream CM921.2 Smooth- Black/White CM33.4 Smooth-White/Cream CM921x4 Smooth- Black/White
CM34.2 Pebbled- White/Cream     CM34.4 Pebbled- White/Cream    

Melton School Mounting Boards

Economical colored boards for elementary field of art and for mounting photographs and drawings for exhibits. Surface suitable for water-soluble media as well as pen and ink or pencil. 14 ply (.048). Sizes 22×28, 28×44.

1221 Black
1234 White/Cream/Pebble
1260 White

Perfect Mount

Self-adhesive mounting boards that allow for easy positioning and repositioning until a permanent bond is activated by firm pressure. Perfect Mount is available on standard cream, solid black or foam board and features acid-free adhesive and buffered pH neutral surfaces. Ideal for mounting posters, inexpensive prints, photographs and other art and craft projects. Perfect Mount is available in the following sizes and configurations:

Perfect Mount

Single Thick Double Thick
PSX 32X40 PS3X 32×40
PSAFS 40×60 PSAFDT 40×60
PSX.05 5×7 PS3X.05 5×7
PSX.08 8×10 PS3X.08 8×10
PSX11 11×14 PS3X11 11×14
PSX.16 16×20 PS3X.16 16×20
PSX.20 20×24 PS3X.20 20×24

Black Perfect Mount

Single Thick Double Thick
PBX 32X40 PB3X 32×40
PBAFS 40×60 PBAFDT 40×60
PBX.05 5×7 PB3X.05 5×7
PBX.08 8×10 PB3X.08 8×10
PBX11 11×14 PB3X11 11×14
PBX.16 16×20 PB3X.16 16×20
PBX.20 20×24 PB3X.20 20×24

Perfect Mount Foam

3/16" Thick
PSFC 32X40
PSFC4060C 40×60
PSFC.05 5×7
PSFC.08 8×10
PSFC11 11×14
PSFC.16 16×20
PSFC.20 20×24

Black Perfect Mount Foam

3/16" Thick
PBFC 32X40
PBFC4060C 40×60
PBFC.05 5×7
PBFC.08 8×10
PBFC11 11×14
PBFC.16 16×20
PBFC.20 20×24

Perfect Mount Film

Double-sided, acid free adhesive film. ideal for mounting posters, inexpensive prints, photographs and other art and craft projects

PSF.32 32X40

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