Crescent Singles

Crescent is proud to announce the availability of its “Crescent Singles” assortment of matboard corners. This offering of 95 of our top selling RagMat and Select items can be ordered individually and are Always In Stock.

Ideal when you need to:

• Replace your most often used matboard corners
• Keep corner sets neat and presentable
• Show multiple layers of the same corner in matting design
• Give/loan samples to key customers for home design
…and more


Our Crescent Singles Assortment:

ragMatLogo30035 Key RagMat items including:
– 22 RagMat Museum Solids
– 13 RagMat Items High-volume whites, lights and blacks

Crescent Select Color Logo60 Key Select items including:
– 30 High-volume whites, lights and blacks in Select and Select Solids
– 30 of our most popular colored Select matboards



These individual Crescent RagMat and Select corners are available at a value price:
Price Per Corner: $1.00 for any 4Ply corner, $1.50 for any 6Ply and 8Ply corner (in bold above)
Shipping & Handling: 1-25 corners $8.00 (FedEx Ground), 26 or more corners $10.00, Express shipping available.

Contact Customer Support at 1-888-293-3956 to order these or other Crescent product samples.

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