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At Crescent we are constantly searching for new matboard colors and styles that help you creatively enhance the value of your customers most precious belongings. Frequently, these items are sports collectibles that have sentimental and monetary value to the customer.

That’s why Crescent developed a new Select™ Sports Color Guide full of the exact recipes you need to match major college and sports team colors with Select matboard. The Select™ Sports Color Guide is the ideal tool for framing one of the fastest-growing trends in custom framing – sports and school collectibles.

Jen Drexler

Marketing tips for Sports Colors

by Marketing Expert Jen Drexler

1. are you in a big sports town? If so, time your window and promotional displays to coincide with big rivalry games and then offer a discount to the victors AND the losers on sports themed projects. With Select™ Sports Colors you will be able to offer than exact color matches for every major sports team.

2. Send out a postcard to remind your customers to frame their sports and school memorabilia at your frame shop. Click here to access a customizable sports-themed postcard that will drive business to your frame shop.

3. The Select™ Sports Colors line is the perfect opportunity to connect with your local college community as their source for commemorative framing projects. After a big win, frame the newspaper’s headline with corresponding team colors and put it on display in your window. Showing that you are a fan of your local teams helps you reach current students and alumni!

4. Take advantage of graduation. Custom framing will make diplomas and senior portraits look their best and are great gifts. When matched with school colors, these pieces will come to life. Frame examples in your shop and send out an e-newsletter or postcard to your customers around graduation time.

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