Custom Framing Trends

Above: 1306 Molten Gold (Crescent Couture Matboard) features a hand-painted surface
of shimmering gold and silver. Bottom mat is Select™ 9899 Red Hot. Below: This handmade Tibetan Child’s Ceremonial vest is beautifully enhanced with Moorman Shimmer Wovens Matboard in 7314 Stardust, 7313 Praline & 7310 Icecicle.
100 W. Willow Road, Wheeling, IL 60090 U.S.A.www.crescentpro.com
In contrast to busy lives and mass-produced products, consumers are rediscovering all things hand-made. Whether they are making things themselves or purchasing from artisans and craftsmen, today’s consumers seek traditional art and craft techniques with fresh applications. Custom framing is by nature the creation of unique art pieces. Amp up your framing designs with elements that set your work apart and celebrate the handmade.

Complementary Art Styles

  • Collectables
  • Contemporary Art
  • Original Art
Above & Below: Bespoke objects found at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York
Above: This art deco piece looks stunning with a fancy mat design, featuring Couture matboard with hand-applied leafing. Double mat featuring Crescent Couture 1314 Gold Leaf.
Custom in the details
While it may be obvious to you that each framing project is handmade, your customer might not realize the care and expertise that goes into each framing design. Talk to your customer about adding unique features such as fillets, special mat shapes, V-grooves, French matting, and even hand-crafted matboards and moulding.

Start the Conversation
“Your artwork is really unique. Let’s try some artisan products that are handmade and will really make your piece stand out.”
Your computized mat cutter can add customized details with a modern twist.

Blue Frame: Select Fabrics 5638 Tile Blue Suede and French Matting applied with pen accessory.

Pink Frame: A contemporary print with a unique mat that allows slivers of the artwork to peek through. RagMat 1627 Cerise over 1514 Royal Orchid.
79% of Custom Framing Customers Agree*:
“I value custom framing because it makes a piece of art even more special and unique.”
Elevate the experience by engaging your customer, providing unique design solutions and connecting with their story.
*Unity Marketing, 2013
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